OCDC is an organization built by a team of experts and specialists from various fields, including aviation specialists with solid experience in the design, manufacturing and implementation of UAVs for various purposes. The application of various technological solutions, technical tools and modern methodologies using specialized UAVs, SAR on land, in rocky and steep terrains and even in open sea guarantee success in missions and in different weather conditions, as well as a significant reduction of the time to discover victims and those in distress. For this purpose, OCDC also organizes various courses for the use of UAVs in special situations:

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes in SAR

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes at SAR with the use of specialized UAVs

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes with the use of specialized thermal cameras and laser scanners, as a payload of UAVs

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes for the correct use of UAVs in special situations and harsh weather conditions

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes for UAV flight planning and their practical use in photogrammetry, laser scanning and surveying with thermal cameras

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes for analysis of the results obtained with the use of UAVs, as well as optimization of the operation of the payload (cameras and laser scanners)

All topics and courses are conducted by certified and highly qualified lecturers and mentors, driven by their motivation to increase safety in the use of UAVs, as well as to provoke interest in the younger generation in the use of high technologies for humanitarian purposes. All training courses are suitable for a wide range of specialists, professionals and teenagers.

In the concept of training for the use of UAVs, the highest safety criteria and requirements are set, complying with all normative and sub-normative acts of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU.

Building various skills and habits in piloting UAVs, as well as their use in conditions close to real life, gives the younger generation the possibilities to discover various applications of UAVs beyond hobby modeling and create in them a sense of responsibility, teamwork and dedication.