OCDC works for the organization of Sea Survival Clubs, methods and practices for SAR at Sea, general basics of Navigation and Orientation in the Marine Environment, First Aid for survivors of a marine disaster, as well as Practical Lectures and Workshops that promote and organize training and activities aimed at improving participants’ skills related to survival at sea:

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes in SAR

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes on marine survival

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes/Blue Schools for children on marine survival skills

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes on first aid at sea

  • Courses/Events/Practical classes on Basics of Navigation, SAR and Sailing

Each topic is taught by maritime experts and lecturers from maritime centers with accumulated practical experience and real-world knowledge. The events are adjusted according to the age of the participants – from 12-13-year-old to youth and adults.

We grow, get educated and work in an urban environment, far from nature. Our general culture and our knowledge of the most common environment on the Planet, water, is reduced to extremely superficial or even no basic knowledge and skills related to our survival when entering this environment, where limitations are a constant companion and the environment is hostile and unfavorable to terrestrial homo sapiens.

OCDC develops and offers, through its volunteers and experts, a variety of events – one-off, serial or long-lasting with the aim of increasing our missing skills.

Our desire is to more adequately prepare the young generation, who grew up in a digital environment of urban life, through learning and sharing – if you invite us, we will do our best to share our knowledge and experience in an interesting and exciting way.