Board of Directors

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Aero Vision Ltd was founded in 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria and is one of the fastest growing companies for unmanned aerial vehicles in the country. The company consists of a team with invaluable experience in the field of avionics, navigation systems and aircraft equipment, their power plants and software implemented in the onboard systems. The team members have more than 40 implemented optimizations in aviation, machine building, precision farming, precision construction, mechatronics; developing innovative software solutions and applications.

SEMMA Management was established in 2014 with the mission of being a partner to help with long-term sustainable strategies. Depending on the project, we work both with our own team and with various subcontractors in order to deliver more specific services to our clients at the highest possible level. We complete each mission with solutions based on diagnostics of the company’s condition, operations and market analysis, supported by execution tactics and operational processes and procedures. The accumulated long-term and diverse practical experience makes us constantly look for new challenges and fields of expression in various spheres of activity.


MSc in “Mechanical Engineering Technology and Management” and “Advanced product design engineering”, having experience in a number of engineering fields such as design, testing, simulation and fabrication of various structures and aircraft and their systems. Owner and manager of several companies and co-founder of several NGOs in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Having experience in missions to the UN and with experience in managing European projects.


He served in the Israeli army and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honour. He held five positions, as executive director in various companies and organizations and owner of two companies in Bulgaria and one in Israel. Business entrepreneur and strategic consultant to companies in the fields of security, agriculture, education, healthcare, automotive, IT, real estate and construction. He speaks four languages.