Organization for Cooperation and Defense of Citizens (OCDC) is a non-governmental organization established on 05.05.2022. as an organization uniting associations, governmental and non-governmental organizations committed to the protection of life, health and property of the citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria.

OCDC is made up of individuals and legal entities with proven experience in aviation, shipping, civil security, national security, cyber security and military affairs, who daily contribute with their experience and expertise to create conditions for reliable protection and increase the safety of citizens.

The experience of OCDC members includes (but is not limited to) foreign peacekeeping missions, development of emergency action plans, training of specialized anti-terrorist teams and organizations, training of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) pilots, SRS training (Specialized hand-to-hand combat), execution of search and rescue tasks, building digital security for individuals, legal entities and national structures, etc.


Organization for Assistance and Defense of Citizens was created with the vision of uniting the efforts of as many patriotic Bulgarians and foreigners who love Bulgaria as possible. Like-minded people make joint efforts to improve the well-being of those living and staying in Bulgaria – their safety, health, well-being and peace of mind.